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  • 5 e A new study of the Perseus galaxy cluster has revealed a mysterious X-ray signal in the data. The signal is also seen in over 70 other galaxy clusters using XMM-Newton. This unidentified signal requires further investigation to confirm both its existence and nature, but one possibility is that it represents the decay of ‘sterile neutrinos’, one proposed candidate to explain dark matter.
  • 6 f Lake Kerkini in Northern Greece seen from Space. It is one of the Ramsar Convention wetlands. The seasonal differences are impressive as seen in the three acquisitions by Sentinel-2 on 15/12/2019 (left), 8/4/2020 (middle) and 7/6/2020 (right). Messolonghi lagoon in Greece.
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  • 8 r Cluster Aérospatial des Pouilles Detecting pollution created by individual ships from space Using data from the Copernicus Sentinel-5P satellite, scientists are now able to detect nitrogen dioxide emissions from individual ships in the sea.
  • 9 o Scientists working on the Greenland ice sheet as part of an international effort to develop new space technology to monitor our changing polar environment.
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