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Zainab Azim, Founder


My name is Zainab Azim. I’m a Pakistani Canadian currently studying at the university of Toronto. I’m also a volunteer with UNOOSA Space4Woman network and the founder of GIVE, Global initiative and Vision for Education, an organisation dedicated to developing holistic 21st century education models, curriculums and systems based on psychology and learning science research, as well as to increasing access to quality education across the globe.

The message that I would like to send to the visitors of Space for our Planet is to emphasise the importance of the relationship between Space and the SDG promoting education.

Not only is improved access to quality education important for creating progress in the Space sector, but Space can also be used to benefit education, simultaneously improving our own planet. If we are to achieve all the other SDGs, we must invest in young people by investing in our education systems and space-based technologies to provide that education.

We should be working to foster the skills needed to achieve these other SDGs. The next generation is the future, and we have a responsibility to ensure that every child, regardless of their background or where they are born, has the chance to contribute to that future, is not limited and has the tools available.

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